1) Do I need to check with Super Kids before I bring my kid to play?

We will be occasionally closed for 2 hours or more for private events, hence please check with us prior making your visit.
How can I get to know

2) How can I get to know about Super Kids  closing dates & time to the  public?

We usually publish our private event notice on FB & website , at least a week before.

3) Do I need to make a prior booking for play dates or small gang of children?

If you have less than 10 kids , and if you are aware of our private party schedule for the particular time period, then you don’t have to.

4) Do I need to inform Super Kids about the out side food that I’m bringing to celebrate a small event ?

Yes you need to .

5) What is your rule no 01 & 02 ?

Unwell kids or adults must avoid visiting Super Kids.  Kids & adults must wear socks inside the play area. 

6) Can I buy socks from Super Kids.?

Yes, you can check with the front desk.

7) Do I need to be with my kid all the time?

yes, you will be responsible for your kid.

8) What is the role of your staff for walk in customers?

Generally our staff is there to make sure your kids will be playing  safe , to build a pleasant and clean environment for the kids, avoid harsh play or bullying & immediately attend to any emergency situation.

9) Do you allow parents/guardians to go inside the play areas with the child?

Yes we allow one parent for one kid to go in, and it’s the best thing that if you could play with your child, than watching them play! Adults must remain on the ground floor in the Jungle Gym area, and you can ask for our staff’s assistance if needed.

10) What is your staff’s role on “drop to shop” kids?

One experienced & matured staff member will be taking care of 4 kids at a time , and that person will personally attend to kids’ needs, and other activities until the parent or the guardian turns up to pick the kids.